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«Be courteous and respectful to your teachers and fellow students

«Street shoes are not permitted to be worn on the dance floor

«Dance shoes must not be worn outside - shoes must be changed in the studio before and after class

«Parents are required drop their children off before class and come back to pick them up afterwards

«Chewing gum is not permitted on the premises at all

«No Food is to be taken into the studios. 

«Bottled water only is allowed in the studios - no drinking on the dance floor - all other drinks will have to be left in the kitchen

«Parents cannot enter the dance studios at any time

«Children are not allowed to play in the car park or out the front of the studio.  They are to remain inside at all times. 

«NO running or mucking around on the premises

«Students cannot enter the dance studios without a teacher

«No leaning on, standing on, or hanging off of ballet barres

«Please respect your studio – place garbage in bins, pick up your belongings & keep kitchen & bathrooms tidy

«Students need to be on time for their classes so that they do not miss the warm-ups & stretching.  The warm-ups help to prevent muscle injury

«All shoes, clothing, etc must be named so if it is left behind we know who it belongs to

«Students are placed in a particular level based on their ability & prior training

«Students & teachers hair must be tied up off their face at all times

«Correct uniform is to be worn in all classes.

«Please make sure that students come to class clean and neat in appearance



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